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IVT.12.S400 Inverted Trinocular Biological Microscope
Description and Notes

IVT.12. S400 Inverted Trinocular Biological Microscope
--New research and new development Apply to observation and cultivation for cell tissue
--Wide field eyepiece, view field up to Φ23mm,more comfortable for observation

Item Specification


Eyepiece WF10×/22mm ●●
LWD Infinity Plan Objectives L Plan FL 4X/0.11 W.D.=12.1mm
L Plan FL 10X/0.25 W.D.=10.3mm
L Plan FL 20X/0.45 W.D.=5.8mm
L Plan FL 40X/0.65 W.D.=5.1mm
LWD Infinity Plan Phase Contrast Objectives L Plan FL PHP 4X/0.10
(Both for Bright Field & Phase Contrast)
L Plan FL PHP 10X/0.25
(Both for Bright Field & Phase Contrast)
L Plan FL PHP 20X/0.45
(Both for Bright Field & Phase Contrast)
L Plan FL PHP 40X/0.65
(Both for Bright Field & Phase Contrast)
Annular Spot 10×/20×/ 40×
Trinocular Head
Inclined 45°, interpupilary distance: 48-76mm
Light distribution (both): 80:20 (80% for trinocular head, and 20% for eyepiece)
100: 0(100% for eyepiece) ----Optional
Trinocular Head
Inclined 45°,? interpupilary distance: 48-76mm
Light distribution (both):
100: 0 and 0:100 (100% for eyepiece or 100% for trinocular head)
Nosepiece Quintuple
Mechanical Stage Stage size: X×Y: 210×241mm, Round slide size:Φ110mm,
Attached mechanical stage
(available for 96 holes plate, moving range X×Y:128×80mm.)
Culture Dish Holder 65mm
blood cell counter
Glass Holder
Universal Holder
Condenser Long working distance, Quickly detachable ,? N.A.0.3,
Working distance: 72mm (with condenser),195mm(without condenser).
Koehler Illumination 6V/30W (input voltage:100V~240V)
5WLED (input voltage:100V~240V)
Filter Blue
Amber /Grey
C-mount 1 X /0.5X /0.75X C-Mount (focus adjustable)
Epi Fluorescence Illumination Epi fluorescence media unit , field diaphragm,center adjustable.
100W mercury lamp ,5WLED(input voltage:100V~240V)
B, G, V, UV fluorescence filters can be chosen
Infinity Fluorescence objective L Plan Fluor 10X/0.3?? W.D.=10mm
L Plan Fluor 20X/0.45?? W.D.=6.6mm
L Plan Fluor 40X/0.6?? W.D.=3.5mm
Note:● In Table means Standard Attachment ; .O means Optional Accessories
Packing Size: 660mm×590mm×325mm???? Gross Weight: 18 kgs??? ?Net Weight: 13.5 kgs
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