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CPR.22.B5 Comparison Microscope
Description and Notes

CPR.22.B5 Comparison Microscope is basically used for forensic science and police department in large quantity. It's also provided to these departments such as police training school, bank, tax, print, coinage, archaeology and etc.
--Total Magnification 2.4x-200x
--5 Level change over objective 0.8x,1.2x ,2x, 3.2x, 5x
--150W Cold Light for temperature sensitive objective view
--Video and camera image output at same time
--Seperation line adjusting system, can adjust seperation line easily
--Magnification Correcting System built-in
--Tiltable working stage give different view angle easily

CPR.22.B5 Comparison Microscope
0.8x, 1.2x, 2x, 3.2x, 5x objective, with magnification correcting system
Auxiliary lens 0.3x
Auxiliary lens 2x
Seperation Line
Seperation line adjusting system, can adjust seperation line easily
Bullet Holder
Small bullet holder set
Working Stage
Tiltable working stage
Light Source
50W Air blast cooling light source provid high brightness
150W cold light source, soft optical fiber Dia.12mm with positioning ruler
Transmit light lens
Coaxial light lens
Polarizing lens
Red/Green Filter
SLR Camera Adapter
CCD Adapter
Instrument Size 30mm*38mm*63mm
Optional Accessories
Eyepiece WF10x/22mm
Bullet Holder Motorized bullet holder set
Light Source 5W LED Light Source+ 3 Wave Band Light Source
Hard Optical Fiber,pair, for quick adjustment of light spot
Ultraviolet light lens
Adapter Digital camera adapter for Canon A650
Software Professional forensic image analysis software Crime Image