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LGT.19.XD5 60LEDs Ring Light
Description and Notes

LGT.19.XD5 LED Ring Light
--Input Voltage:85v-264v/50hz-60hz
--LED numbers: 60piese
--Color Temp.:6000K(Optional)
--Focusing Distance:80mm-130mm(optional)
--Diameter for connecting microscope:60mm(optional)

LGT.19.XD5 LED Ring Light with 60Bulbs Specification

Input Voltage (AC) 85v-264v/50hz-60hz
Output Voltage (DC) 12V
Output Current 140±10mA
Connect Dimension (Max) 60mm
Crust Kinds plastic
NO. of LED 60pcs
Working distance 80mm-130mm
Brightness adjustment 0~100% adjustable
Brightness at height of 100mm about 14000Lux (at height of 100mm)
Color temperature 6000K
Power 5w
LED bulbs Life 20000hours
Quality Guarantee 1 year