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CMOS.34.M500 Digital Eyepiece Camera 5.0M
Description and Notes

CMOS.34.M500 Digital Eyepiece Camera 5.0M

CMOS.34.M500 Digital Eyepiece Camera 5.0M
Power supply USB port
Tube diameter 3.2mm or 30mm
Connection Ocular tube or C-mount
Uniform focusing YES
Magnification 10X
Rate of field 1/3
Matching lens YES
Functiong of software Image file management: set up, open up, save, lead in image file;
Image capture: switch, setting, shoot, measure, full screen view
Image edit: picture turn, zoom, cut, modify, email, print
USB cable
1.5 m
Resolutiong of display 2560*1944
Resolution of picture 2560*1944
Resolution of video 2560*1944
Weight of device 0.1kg
Sensor Parameter 1/2.5" 5.0MP CMOS
Resolution 2560*1944
USB port USB 2.0
Frame Rate 3.75fps for 5.0 MP
Pixel Size 2.2μm *2.2μm
Color Filter
RGB Bayer Pattern
White balance
O/P compatibility