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MUL.06.N1020 Deca Head Multi-Viewing Microscope for 10 Persons
Description and Notes
MUL.06.N1020 Deca Head Multi-Viewing Microscope for 10 Persons
Multi-viewing Microscope allows people observation at the same time.
With the features of Infinite Optical System, Effective Illumination, LED Pointer and images Coherence, it is widely used in Clinic, Scientific Research and Teaching Demonstration.
Model No. MUL.06.N1020
Optical System NIS60 Infinity Optical System
Head Main Head Trinocular Head, 30°inclined, Inverted Image, Interpupillary distance: 47mm-78mm---------1pc
Sub head: 30° inclined binocular viewing head, Interpupillary distance: 47mm-78mm.----------9pcs
Eyepiece High-Eyepoint Plan Eyepiece SW10X/25mm,Diopter Adjustable
High-Eyepoint Plan eyepiece WF20X/12mm ,Diopter adjustable
Nosepiece Bright Field Sextuple nosepiece with DIC slot
Middle module Middle module with LED Cursor, two colors red and green, intensity adjustable.
Infinity Plan objective 4X NA=0.1 WD=30
10X NA=0.25 WD=10.2
20X NA=0.4 WD=13.36
40X NA=0.65 WD=0.7
100X NA=1.25 WD=0.22 (oil)
Working Stage Double Layer Mechanical Stage Size 190x152,Movement:78x32mm, with Gorilla glass
Focusing Coaxial Focus System With Upper Limited And Tension Adjustment, Coarse Adjustment Range:35mm, Fine Adjustment Precision: 0.001mm.
Condenser N.A.0.9 swing-out type achromatic condenser,with iris diaphragm and aperture scale, provides sufficient and uniform light for full-field observation in different magnifications.
Light Source 12V100W Halogen Lamp, Center Adjusted, or 3W LED
ECO FunctionThe transmitted light would be off automatically after 30 minutes fromoperators leave. It can not only save energy, but also keep the lamp life.
CCD Adapter C-Mount 1x
Power 100-240V Universal Voltage
Note: ● Means Standard Parts; O means Optional Parts