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MTL.61.M40BD 4inch Wafer Inpsection Motorized B/D Metallurgical Microscope
Description and Notes
MTL.61.M40BD 4Inch Wafer Inspection Metallurgical Microscope

Specification for Main Body
Model Specificatioin MTL.61.M40BD
Model Color-corrected infinity optic system
Head 30° inclined Compensation trinocular head, splitting ratio for binocular: trinocular=100:0 standard, Interpupillary Distance: 50mm~76mm
Erect Image Viewing Tilting Trinocular Head, , 5-30° adjustable, splitting ratio for binocular: trinocular=100:0 standard, Interpupillary Distance: 50mm~76mm
Eyepiece High Point Wide Field Plan Eyepiece PL10X/25mm,Diopter Adjustable + 5
LWD Infinity Plan Semi-APO Metallurgical Objective M Plan Semi-Apo 5X BD NA0.15 WD=15mm
M Plan Semi-Apo 10X BD NA0.30 WD=8.4mm
M Plan Semi-Apo 20X ELWDBD NA0.40 WD=12mm
M Plan Semi-Apo 50X BD NA0.75 WD=3.0mm
LWD PLAN Semi-APO BD Objective 20X NA0.45 WD3.0
LWD PLAN Semi-APO BD Objective 100X NA0.90 WD1.1
Nosepiece Motorized Sextuple Nosepiece with DIS Slot, M26 Thread for Objective
Focusing Coaxial Coarse and fine focusing adjustment,
Coarse adjustment distance:35mm
Precision of Fine Focusing: 0.001mm, with Loosen and Tight limit ring.
Working Stage Stage Size: 310*240mm, Movement:150mmX100mm
Wafer Stage 360 degree Rotatable , Suitable for 4,6,8,12inch wafer
Condenser Swing-out Condenser (N.A.0.9)
Polarize Kits Polarizer Slider
Analyzer 360 degree Rotatable for Reflected Light
DIC Slider Reflected Light DIC Slider
Illumination Reflected Light: With Iris Field Diaphragm and Aperture Diaphragm, Central Adjustable,
with Filter Slot and Polarizing Slot
With Switch Device for Bright and Dark Field, 5W LED
Transmitted Illumination: 5W LED Bulb, Pre-Centering, Digital Dimming Can Be With Bright Intensity Settings And Reset Function
100-240V Wide Voltage, with



CCD Adapter 1X CCD Adjustable Adapter
0.5X CCD Adjustable Adapter
0.65X CCD Adjustable Adapter