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CPD.06.E620B Advanced Binocular with LCD display for Mag,Light Intensity
Description and Notes
CPD.06.E620B Advanced Binocular with LCD display for Magnification,Light Intensity
NIS Infinity Optical System
NIS infinity plan objectives can provide high contrast and very flat image up to FN 22. With FN 22 wide field eyepieces, the system always brings you sharp, excellent resolution and high signal to noise ratio imaging.
Item Specification
Optical System NIS60 Infinity Optical System
Eyepiece EW10x/22mm
Viewing Head Infinity Seidentopf Binocular Viewing Head, Inclined at 45°,Interpupillary 47-78mm
Infinity, Seidentopf Trinocular Viewing Head, Inclined at 30°,
Interpupillary 47-78mm, splitting ratio 50/50 (100/0 or 0/100 is optional)
Tiltable Binocular Viewing Head
Objective NIS60 Infinity Plan Objective 4X
NIS60 Infinity Plan Objective 10X
NIS60 Infinity Plan Objective 40X
NIS60 Infinity Plan Objective 100X,Oil
NIS60 Infinity Plan Objective 100X Water
NIS60 Infinity Phase Contrast Objective PH10X
NIS60 Infinity Phase Contrast Objective PH20X
NIS60 Infinity Phase Contrast Objective PH40X
NIS60 Infinity Phase Contrast Objective PH100X
Nosepiece Coded Backward Quintuple Nosepiece
Rackless Stage Rackless Stage 230mm x 150mm, Moving Range 78mm x 54mm, Anti-scratch surface
Condenser Sliding Abbe Condenser NA1.25(Including Empty Plate)
Bright Field 10x- 40x Phase Contrast Slider
Bright Field 100x Phase Contrast Slider
Dark Field Slider
Focusing System Coaxial Coarse and Fine Adjustment, Coarse Stroke 37.7mm
per Rotation, Fine Stroke 0.2mm per Rotation, Fine division
0.002mm,Moving Range 30mm
Illumination 3W S-LED (LCD Display Magnification, Timing Sleep, Brightness Indication and Lock, etc.)
3W LED, Two Wave Range (B, G, U, V can be combined), Fly-eye Lens Illumination
Accessories 1x CCD adapter
0.5x CCD adapter
Simple Polarization Set
Filter Green