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LGT.43.L600 Proffesional Machine Vision Light Source with Polarizer
Description and Notes
LGT.43.L600 High-performance LED Ring light for machine vision or Microscope

This illuminator is ideal for using with machine vision, microscopes and other similar applications. it has a constant color temperature at 5000K with stepless dimming, high spectral saturation, color rendering index of 95+, O-shaped complete light-emitting surface, Anti-reflective point w/ 360 rotatable POL accessories kit, luminous flux up to 1000lm, LED bulbs life 30,000+ hours.
LED specification       Max. Power 18W
Operating Voltage 24V DC
Color temperature 5000K
CDI 96
Luminous flux: 1000lm 1000lm
Spectral range: 390-700nm 390-700nm
LED bulbs life 30000+ hours
Effective Working Distance >5cm
LED ring Inner Dia. 61mm
Outer Dia. 105mm
Power box Height 25mm
Length 129mm
Width 86mm
Heigth 23.5mm
Display Brightness (%)
Coarse tune 10% per step
Fine tune 1% Per step
Click (<1 sec.) Coarse / Fine
Press (>1 sec.) On / Standby
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