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FLU.03.X40F High Level Fluorescent Microscope
Description and Notes

FLU.03.X40F Advanced Fluorescent Trinocular Microscope with APO Fluorescent Objective
--Infinity Color Corrected Optical System, With Sem-Apochromatic Fluorescence Objectives
--New Upgraded Disc Fluorescent Illumination System
--New Digital Power Control System, Displaying Opterating Time And Current Value
--New Designed Telecenteric Kohler Illuniation System, Working With N.A.1.2/0.22 Swing Condenser
--Safe Carrying Design, Make It Safe And Easy To Carry The Microscope Anywhere
-- "Building blocks" Design For Combining Multiple Functions, Fluorescence, Phase Contrast, Polarizing, Dark Field Can Be Assembled
--Widely Apply To Clinical Diagnosis, Teaching Experiment, Pathological Test And Other Micro-fields.

Name of Parts Description Order No. FLU.03.X40F
Head 30°inclined gemel trinocular head 360°rotating(infinity),inter-pupillary range:54~75mm; Diopter adjustment±5.B:T=0:100 or 100:0 CX40ITH30RF
Eyepiece High eyepoint plan eyepiece PL10X/22mm PL10X22
High eyepoint plan eyepiece PL10X/22mm w/reticle PL10X22r
High eyepoint plan eyepiece PL15X/16mm PL15X16
Nosepiece Revsersed quintuple nosepiece BS-NPI5
Objective Plan semi-apochromatic fluorescence objective 4X/0.13(infinity),WD=15.3mm OIPF4
Plan semi-apochromatic fluorescence objective 10X/0.30(infinity),WD=8.7mm OIPF10
Plan semi-apochromatic fluorescence objective 20X/0.50(infinity),WD=2.5mm OIPF20
Plan semi-apochromatic fluorescence objective 40X/0.75(infinity),WD=0.72mm OIPF40
Plan semi-apochromatic fluorescence objective 100X/1.30(infinity),WD=0.21mm OIPF100
Telescope Telescope of fluorescence XYRFLFD
Focusing Coaxial coarse and fine adjusting system,with tightness adjustment and upper limited,coarse adjustment range 25mm,fine adjustment precision:0.002mm, CX40F
Stage 175×145mm double layer mechnical stage,with X,Y moving hand wheel in right hand,moving range 76X50mm,precision:0.1mm XYSGM
Condensor NA1.2/0.22 swing out achromatic condenser with marked iris diaphragm CX40CD1.2
Light 6V30W halogen bulb house, presetting the center of filament XYL2
Imported long life 6V/30W halogen bulb HB6-30
Filter Blue filter(ø45) XY-FCB
30ND25 attenuation plate (For disc filter blocks switching mechanism) 30ND25-RFLP
Yellow filter(ø45) XY-FCY
Green filter(ø45) XY-FCG
Neutral filter(ø45) XY-FCF
2/3CTV XY-CTV0.67
1/2CTV XY-CTV0.5

EPI Fluorescence System

6-Holes Disc Reflected Fluorensent Illumination XYRFAP
100W Mercury lamp house XYLH100HG
Mercury Lamp Power Controller Box, 100V-240V AC With Indicator Display U2-RFLT100
Eye guard  
100W Mercury lamp(OSRAM) HBO100W/2
fluorescence filter(UV)(CHROMA)(For disc filter blocks switching mechanism) XYDMPUV1
fluorescence filter(V)(CHROMA)(For disc filter blocks switching mechanism) XYDMPV1
fluorescence filter(B)(CHROMA)(For disc filter blocks switching mechanism) XYDMPB1
fluorescence filter(G)(CHROMA)(For disc filter blocks switching mechanism) XYDMPG1