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HDMI.25.4K-19 4K UHD HDMI Industry Camera
Description and Notes
HDMI.25.4K-19 Series 4K UHD HDMI industry camera.
As the 4k resolution UHD Screen more and more popular,1080p industrial camera seems to be more conservative,It can not be effectively use the screen to show the image fidelity.Depending on the latest hd high speed CMOS image sensor, the FPGA hardware image processing and HDMI V1.4 version specification,My company released the 4k UHD HDMI industry camera.This 4K UHD camera used highest sensitivity 2/3 inch 8 million pixel color CMOS image sensor, pixel size 2.5um and 1/1.9 inch 8 million pixel color CMOS image sensor,pixel size 1.85um,their has high dynamic range, high sensitivity and excellent thermal noise suppression.The 4K UHD camera outputs 4k resolution and also 3840 x2160 pixels,The resolution is four times as large as 1080p cameras,30fps frame rate Max,no compression, no interpolation,Transmission bandwidth at 5.97 Gb/s max.The Camera can connect with 4K UHD Screen by HDMI interface,also can connect with the HDMI image acquisition card, support plug and can be real-time capture the BMP image to TF card, the largest support 64 GB card,4k UHD camera can ensure every detail is not to be missed.4K UHD Camera is equipped with IR remote control, which can realize fast parameter adjustment,Support hardware auto white balance, auto exposure,The camera presented 2800 k\5000 k\2800 k color correction,two groups of cross curve,Image Flip,mirror,freeze,capture ,preview,parameter saving and other functions,also support the firmware update by TF card,The upgraded version will support several measurement functions in the future.
Application area:
Industrial measurement,Digital Microscope,UHD medical imaging,Multimedia image acquisition, and many other fields.

Resolution 800MP
Max FPS 4K@30FPS /( 1080P@60FPS,no offer at preset)
Sensor Type 1/1.9" CMOS
Shutter Rolling
Color Color
Pixel Size 1.85μm
Max Resolution 4K(3840X2160)

BMP image Capture,Preview,Freeze,Mirror,Flip,Cross curve,AWB,AE,Gain,Color temperature preset,Parameter save,Resolution switching,Restore Setting and other functions

Interface HDMI v1.4
Memory TF Card Max 64Gb
DC 12V 1A
Lens C-mount
Dimension 47x70x31 mm
Weight 168 g
Accessories IR Remote*1,12V 2A Power Supply*1,HDMI Cable*1